Healthy eating can be vibrant, colorful & fun!

Superfood Blue Spirulina Donuts

Since we started Rainbow Superfoods we had one main goal, to make healthy eating more fun. Everyone should be able to make colorful food and drinks without having to worry about their health. You don’t need to use artificial colors to make your meals stand out. Our products allow you to produce bright and creative meals that you and your children love. The best part is it, your food will be even healthier!

Our products are not only a healthy alternative to food dye, they are genuine superfoods. They are naturally rich in nutrients, free from additives and good for all ages.

Since our inception we’ve been both humbled and motivated by a huge influx of support and positive reviews. Our products have helped not only to give individuals a healthy kick into their diet but also mothers to provide a fun experience and healthy food for their kids!


I’m Laetitia and I first realized the power of these superfoods when I started using them to counter nutritional deficiencies I had from a lack of variety in my diet. As I started experimenting, I really enjoyed working with the more colorful superfoods. Who doesn’t love a blue doughnut?

This opened my eyes to the possibilities. How could these superfoods help others? I instantly saw the appeal that it would have for helping children eat healthier.

Having worked with children and after speaking to mothers, it was clear that getting their kids to eat healthier was a real challenge.

These superfoods have enormous potential in helping mothers raise healthier eating kids and I wanted a way to share that. So, I set up this company…

Since then, I have educated myself to understand children’s nutrition better, including how best to motivate kids to eat healthier and the benefits vibrant colors can have in a child’s mind.

Thankfully I was right. I’ve had an incredible influx of support and feedback on rainbow superfoods products. Client's comments, requests and ideas have been an enormous factor in the success we're having.

We are always open to new ideas and would love you anyone to reach out if you have anything you would like to share or suggest.