*WHITE FRIDAY OFFER * 6 Rainbow Superfoods + Popsicle Tray

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Add some colour to your healthy habits and grab a set of 6 Rainbow Superfoods for an unbeatable price! Not sure where to begin? No problem! We even added a fun and safe BPA-Free popsicle ice cream tray, so you can make yourself an easy healthy treat as soon as you receive your powders.

Our new Rainbow Superfoods Bundle includes 6 of our beautifully vibrant superfood powders, packaged in new and convenient sealed aluminium tins.


Bundle includes:

  • 40g      Blue Spirulina: our best-seller, the most vibrant shade of blue.
  • 40g      Matcha Green Tea: a morning must for an energised day.
  • 45g      Curcumin Powder: a bright yellow turmeric extract. More benefits, less taste!
  • 60g      Beetroot Juice Powder: a sweet and delicate deep pink fine powder.
  • 25g      Butterfly Pea Powder: a color-changing powder, good for baked recipes.
  • 70g      Purple Sweet Potato Powder: a soft and sweet vibrant purple powder

+ an extra gift from us: choose between one of our BPA-Free reusable popsicle trays:

  • Tropical: 3 slots in the shape of a pineapple, a toucan, and a watermelon slice.
  • Classic: 3 slots in the shape of different types of ice cream. 

This is a limited time offer, and the quantities are limited too. Don't miss out!

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