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Give your stomach some love with our pure freeze-dried Pink Pitaya Powder. Also known as Dragon Fruit, Pitaya is rich in nutrients. Native to South America but also grown in Southeast Asia, the vibrant pink fruit is one of nature’s most unique creations and brimming with feel good vitamins, minerals and antioxidants..


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Important note: Unlike many alternatives on the market, our Pitaya powder is freeze-dried. This process locks in all the nutritional benefits of the fruit and results in a high-quality product. As our pink pitaya powder is also free from additives, it will naturally form harmless clumps. Please keep the package refrigerated for easier use.

Aspect: Violet pink, fruity, sticky powder. It looks as delicious as it tastes!

Taste: Soft fruity taste that won't overpower recipes.

How to use: Add a spoonful of Pink Pitaya to your raw creations to turn them bright pink. Keep refrigerated to avoid hard clumps, especially during the middle-eastern summer!

Ingredients:100% Freeze-Dried Pink Pitaya (Red Dragonfruit) Powder

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